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What's it all about? is a web-based communication tool. It helps tourists exchange information on border waits at the Russian-Finnish border. In addition to the current data, it provides statistical information on car queues, wait times, and webcam images from the border.

Please note! Our service is built on a user-generated information. Despite the fact that we closely monitor and scrutinize all the incoming information, we cannot guarantee its complete accuracy. If you have comments on the accuracy of the data displayed on our site, please send them to

How does it work?

Drivers crossing the border between Russia and Finland, tell us how many cars are currently waiting in the queue along with them (see How do I inform? section for more details). Once received, this information immediately appears on the website and the apps for the benefit of all users. Please note that some messages may be withheld for premoderation or removed from the website after post moderation.


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