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Use to tell other drivers how many cars are waiting to cross the Russian-Finnish border at Torfyanovka, Brusnichnoye, Svetogorsk, Vaalimaa, Nuijamaa and Imatra in both directions.

If due to a large queue length you cannot count the number of cars, let us know the distance to the checkpoint. The distance will be automatically converted into the number of cars. To be more accurate when finding out the distance, use your GPS navigation device and the coordinates of the checkpoints.

Several ways to spread the word

1. Report directly from our site

Go to or and click Submit info button to report the traffic situation at your point of crossing.


2. Official Mobile App (Russian beta)

Download our new official Android app or iPhone/iPad app to check and share the information on the border queues and wait times.


Coordinates of the checkpoints

Torfyanovka 60.596116 N, 27.912501 E

Brusnichnoye 60.932555 N, 28.561501 E

Svetogorsk 61.123503 N, 28.841717 E

Vaalimaa 60.605319 N, 27.849737 E

Nuijamaa 60.959465 N, 28.511317 E

Imatra 61.129371 N, 28.82631 E